Qigong and the absurdity of life

I discovered Qigong. I knew of it before and was never aversed to it. But now I do it pretty much every other day. Getting out of my head with the practice. Right now I have a energized lower back from a session I did a few hours ago.

It is something beautiful to be centralized somewhere other than my head.

I guess I want to say that if you feel somewhat stuck in your head, there are ways out of it to be sure. Not too long ago I was so consumed with my own thoughts and was aware of it. It was agonizing. I don’t know how I got out of it but I let go and with every day it got a little better.

Everyone is scared, until they aren’t. I am still scared of social interaction. But in the situation I enjoy it consciously. I am not looking for social interaction to be sure, but when I am in one I enjoy the absurdity of it all. What else can you do but laugh it off.

Today I really don’t feel the end of this post, but I feel it should end now.

All the best comrades friends

Published by CanIDoItLikeMarcAurel

Writer who publishes meditations on life.

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