Breaking rules

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

~Albert Einstein

So I just read this in a post (cited below) and it made me wonder what we really can understand. For me it is situations others are in I can understand. If I had a degree in anything and had learned for my college degree I would understand more. But I truly don’t mind not understanding the world I live in. I relish in the thing I do right now and that is writing. I like to make up my own rules. So if I write something like this:

My knee flys of the waterfall and crumbles into snowflakes on contact.

… I enjoy it truly.

I admit I have to understand something to write this and that is the structure of nonsense looking like a sensible thing. I hardly remember anything from school. It all went by in a drool. There are some rules to sentences that apply here. What I want to become better at is breaking even those rules!

So here is to breaking the rules. Cheers

Thought for the Week “The older we get, the faster we were” (printed on t-shirts at a college runners’ reunion). We can’t buy wisdom, we can’t inherit it, and we certainly can’t download it. Yes, it’s based on experience, yet even time and experience don’t guarantee it. We must constantly hold our experience up to […]

Let’s Grow Wise and Surprise Everyone

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