Pep Talk with fluid expectations

Help me are the first words one should learn in this world.
They are of vital importance when faceing something you cannot bare easily. We are not made to suffer. We are. And we are eligible for help. Our Christian background gloryfied suffering. This is behind us. I don’t have easy answers and I don’t know what could replace it, even if there needs to be a replacement. For the most part I just know that there was once and now isn’t. Everybody has to figure this out on their own and I am sure everybody finds a way to deal with uncertainties. For me it is writing. But who am I telling? You are all writers here.

The beauty of writing to me is the calm I feel once I start writing. It doesn’t matter how turbulent the day was. When I am writing it all fades away. I have a certain nag for malicous joy. It is something I really dislike about myself. It helps me not to get too invested in situations. And I have a hard time because of it, connecting with people. They feel as if they need to do something and fail and I don’t encourage them to try again, but do as I do and laugh. Now that seems to be and is a certain way and it doesn’t get you friends at all.

For the most part of my life I had the same 4 friends. I felt like running against 20 meter high walls out of concrete, trying to make new friends and it didn’t get me where I wanted to be. Today I have more friends and it happened through opening up. All trough various channels of comunication and with just dumping my stuff out there. I tell you I was questioning myself all of the time and still do about my handeling these situations. But it just feels too good to just be frank about my feelings.

Where ever you are be good to yourself and be well.

Published by CanIDoItLikeMarcAurel

Writer who publishes meditations on life.

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