The why

So I just stumbled upon a Blog post that concerned itself with the why. It was a quote that caught my eye. Something along the lines of:

Someone who as a why to live, can bare most anything.

This made me think about how I CAN bare my life. I’ve been through some things that were hard. So it seems to me I have a why. But what the why is doesn’t occur to me immediately.

I see life as a game and there is death as the end boss. We play to elude him/her. Not to win but to give a honorable fight.

The problem with this world view:

If you really want to go down this road, you have a clear goal. You want to impede death wherever you can. That means you want to do something and your easy going life, with all the comforts of slacking and the benefits and excuses of being somebody that searches for his purpose.

The benefits of this world view:

Your search ends and you have a clear goal. I want to emphasize that: your search would end. You could relax after a day’s end, because you don’t have to think about your purpose anymore. You could do your dishes without being distracted by interrupting thoughts you can’t shake and need your emidiat attention.

Last thoughts:

Of course there are people doing all those things already and one might think: why would they need me. But the topic of this is not what others need from you, it is what do you need. And a purpose is essential. However you find it, embrace it and hold on to it!

Hearts and Kisses


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Writer who publishes meditations on life.

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